Lone Ranger Coder

A CowboyCoder that gives up his unstructured style of development, gets real skills and experience, perhaps joins a development team, and comes back to a project as its sole developer may be a LoneRangerCoder.

Working with only the help of a QualityAssurance sidekick, he rights the injustices of bad design and poor quality code with unflinching morals, and a steady hand to guide his development tools.

Seeing his situation and having grown in wisdom he will apply the best AgilePrinciples and AgileProcesses where they are applicable.

Proposed by someone speaking from experience I guess?

It sounds like a pure fantasy that management would let one developer and one QA person control a project, since it isn't possible to plan or test without a manager and architect present. It's especially suspicious that a developer is allowed to question an outside party's design.

Well the requirements are handed down from on high, of course, and they are to be respected. If the project is small enough then there really can be a solo developer doing the design and coding successfully within the bounds of the requirements.

I was kidding. About needing a manager and architect to do any planning or design. Sarcasm. (If you're being sarcastic too, you're way off my radar.)

Of course, a LoneRangerCoder could be a programmer who works with Indians, but only the good ones. To beat this metaphor to death, what is his SilverBullet?

"In addition, the Lone Ranger decides to use only silver bullets, as a reminder of his vows to fight for justice, and never to shoot to kill." Since Brooks' silver bullet is the opposite of the Lone Ranger's, we could leave this page with just the potentially offensive Indian jokes.

Also, it violates OnceAndOnlyOnce to shoot a man to wound him just so he can be executed later. In all honesty, the lone ranger resembles a soft-touch manager like Rands more than a programmer. That suits me fine; it sounded to me all along like this "Coder" is a manager without any programmers to boss around.
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