Lord Of The Rings Part One

PeterJackson's excellent film based on the first part of JrrTolkien's LordOfTheRings. Opinions follow:

It is well known that a line is the wrong way to walk along a path. In real world trekking, groups normally walk side by side: one person on the beaten path and the others trampling flowers, struggling among the bushes, balancing at the edge of a ravine, wetting their feet in a stream... Casting Deviations from the books Per the page WorksOfTolkien, acts with evil intent harm the doer, but acts with good intent come back to help the doer in unexpected ways. PeterJackson's most inexcusable deviation was to break this rule. He may "get" Tolkien, but he obviously did not read the CliffsNotes?. By placing bumbling hobbits closer to certain bad results, he contracted the script but lost a lot of real magic. Sorry, I'm not following. Jackson had evil intent somehow, or he ignored the evil intent rule in the script (if so, where?)?

You know, it's funny, the first time I read the book I always imagined the Shire as being under some kind of dome or something (or possibly underground), so there were only a few entrances or exits. All evidence to the contrary. But there you go, I guess :P

Saw an interview with PeterJackson where he said that the DVD version was half an hour longer, specifically including more character development.

Personally, I'm hoping that the theatre version survives in DVD form... Of course I want to own the longer version, too, but the theatre version created the most tension of any film I've ever experienced... 3+ hours of gut-wrenching action, with no relent... that's the experience I'll remember most... so tense that after the wraiths were washed away by the raging river, and after Moria, I literally came to tears.

The Theatre version of LOTR comes out on DVD in August (in America)... the Extended Length Special Edition arrives in November.
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The film won the 2001 Best Picture award, as well as awards for digital effects and production design, from the AmericanFilmInstitute.

FrenchAndSaunders? did a pretty good spoof version on UK TV this week. Saunder's Gandalf was particularly good.
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