Louise Penberthy

This is my first trip into a Wiki. It's an interesting voyage of discovery, but I'm confused. What is a Wiki? It seems to be a multi-user edit-able hypertext -- am I right?

Here's the definition of a WikiWikiWeb.

A little bit about me. I work in Digital Media. I have been a project manager and interface designer for Web-based application projects. For this academic year, I'm teaching at Kennesaw State University. In the spring, I'll be team-teaching a course on Hypermedia. MarkGuzdial, a researcher at Georgia Tech, mentioned to me that he's been doing research on Wikis. So I plan to teach something about them in my course in the spring.

More about me can be found at http://www.mindspring.com/~louisep/. The picture is four years old, though. Also, mailto:louisep@mindspring.com. -- LouisePenberthy


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