Lux Spes

Job: Software Developer Blog: Interests: Welcome to Wiki. I have a dumb question: Is Lux Spes your RealName?

No, it isn't is my InternetName?, I may one day share my RealName, I just don't feel like doing it today... I hope that doesn't make people uncomfortable discussing stuff with me.

I am just not sure about sharing my RealName everywhere... every PrivacyAdvocateOranization? recommends against it... on the other hand, I guess finding out what my RealName should be an easy thing to do for someone that really wants to find out... so I am just undecided... and I also agree with the ideas against RealNames? in RealNamesPleaseDiscussion... So, NoRealNamesPlease.

The following is true about my LuxSpes name:

I just want to say that I think ArguingWithGhosts is very poetic

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