Mark Addleman

Browsing through Wiki, I've decided that

Dear WikiDiary,

Today, I performed my first WikiRefactoring moving particurlarly interesting discussion (at least to me) from RefactoringMercilesslyHidesTheForest to WhenIsRefactoringFinished? (now moved to WhenToStopRefactoring). Before I refactored, I browsed Wiki and found FixYourWiki and GoodWikiCitizen. Although I broke the first rule Don't refactor live threads, I thought the discussion was important enough to deserve a page of its own and was careful not to touch any of the content of the pages. I made sure to MakeWikiPageBackups?, so if anyone is terribly upset over my refactoring, I can put things back the way they were.

Dear WikiDiary,

I have begun thinking about refactoring the whole discussion of ObjectRelationalImpedanceMismatch to remove the ThreadMode stuff. It's a huge task, but, lately, I've had TooMuchTimeOnMyHands? and I need to do something I feel is productive.

Along the same lines, I've been reading of the older pages and I FeelLikeWritingSomething, but I learned long ago that thinking you have something to say and actually having something to say are two different things.
Dear WikiDiary, I haven't visit in 10 years and so much has changed in my life. I feel like revisiting an old friend or, more specifically, old friends. While it violates the WikiNow, I want to reread pages that influenced me 10 years ago. Some are here but others, I'm LookingForPages.


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