Mark Jason Dominus

Prominent member of the PerlLanguage programming community, seminar speaker and author. Author of HigherOrderPerl? (ISBN 1558607013 ). See

Good morning, mjd. How goes the war? -- ThomasColthurst

Actually, mjd didn't create this page, and as far as I know hasn't seen it. I created it, because I referred to him in a comment added to DesignPatterns, and it seemed like a logical thing to do to have a page for him, rather than describing who he was inline with that comment. But then I'm very new to wiki, and might have been violating a social norm without realizing it. If I did, my apologies. -- JohnCallender

Dominus has now seen this page. -- MarkJasonDominus

But what would he make of AlgebraicHoopConstruction, I wonder?

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