Marshall Mc Luhan

Herbert Marshall McLuhan (b. July 21, 1911; d. December 31, 1980)

Famous for various quotes, especially the MediumIsTheMessage, and author (or co-author) of various works, such as TheMediumIsTheMassage (ISBN 1584230703 ), and a gramophone record (CS9501) with the same title.

Said "The electric light is pure information", which seems like an odd statement until you realize that a lightbulb has two discrete states, just a computer bit.


Forgive him. He lived before dimmers were popular.
	Or perhaps his PreScience? extended to the concept of the QuantumComputer. - ArloJamesBarnes

Is quoted on TVOntario against images of the earth seen from space, astronauts etc. Up North this is filler between shows on PublicTelevision?. Canada's MediaPhilosopher.

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