Martin Zarate

Martin Zarate is a young software developer and has been an occaisional visitor of WikiWikiWeb since he was in highschool... and never bothered to fill this page until now, when someone else did.

Martin studied Systems and Computing Engineering at the University of Guelph in Guelph, ON. He is currently developing inventory management software in the steel industry using a mishmash of Microsoft's various enterprise tools.

He developed a fascination with programming linguistics through hacking away/extending the PythonLanguage interpreter, reading Bruce Eckel's ThinkingInCeePlusPlus, and reading WikiWikiWeb... and has quickly decided that any language without the macro-power of LispLanguage will eventually be frustratingly weak to solve a given problem. He will eventually endeavor to learn one of these magical, super-high-level languages as soon as someone tells him which LispLanguage variant to try, whether Squeak is pointless or not, and generally get over his mental allergy to languages that look absolutely nothing like C. Suffers from a debilitatingly severe case of HelpfulCriticalGuySyndrome.

He has, as of yet, produced nothing of note to the programming community at large.

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