Matt Bradshaw

MattBradshaw: big time luser <grin>, christian, husband, father, coder, contributer on project universe

seeing as this is a forum for primarily *technical* discussion, i'll do my best and try to limit my gabb'n to that direction. if you want to see the other aspects of my life in greater detail, i 'exist' elsewhere

other spots to find me:

this wiki community is deserving of *much* praise. it has facilitated the phenominal growth of shared knowledge. and it has really peaked my interest in collaborative writing technology. let's see if we can keep making it (life) better. w/ better tools/technology and better use of the tools.

my current (tech-related) obsession revolves around creating, using, and evangelizing an open payment protocol (yet to be named...) in order to open the floodgates of pending markets. can't you imagine the uses for micropayments - no ads, infrastructure payment (database lookups), donations, mass market low-cost electronic content, etc etc. how do we get there from here? hint... internet standards are very beautiful. we're still in the design stages though.

hmmm... maybe someone else (reading this) is also interested in this stuff. if that's you, let's discuss the issue of an OpenPaymentProtocol?. (Note: i'll create this during winter break in a few weeks) i'll come back and check the link every now and then. Re: the above the discussion promise... is this the right forum for this? is seems to me that the majority of this community wishes to discuss patterns and xp. maybe i should find a different home for this kind of thing. it would be nice to be able to organize the namespace a little better here in c2 wikiland. :) oh yeah, and i know its now after break and still no page definition. give me a few more weeks and i'll be there. hopefully.

another area of great interest to me is the open source community. community is wonderful. doing good things as a team is a lot of fun.

recently (jan2001), i've also been hashing out ideas of extensions to the web as a 'platform'. at present, the browser (as the final 'interface' tier in the web application paradigm) plays the role of a very strange interface component in an overall system as it remains disconnected from its underlying logic (its server) except by user-initiated requests. blah blah blah... i wrote up a little ditty in my advogato diary a while back about this. i'll try to formalize it soon maybe here and we can start seeing some good stuff. :)


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