Menlo Institute

I ran across the MenloInstitute today while my co-worker Josh and I were headed to a little lunch place in Ann Arbor Michigan. They're ExtremeProgramming aficionados and seem to have the whole thing down pretty well. They said they've worked with KentBeck on a large project for Chrysler or something like that. Well, visit their page, and maybe they'll get around to refactoring this one pretty soon too. -- KirkKitchen

The Menlo Institute

Founded by Thomas Meloche, Richard Sheridan, James Goebel and Robert Simms, The Menlo Institute LLC specializes in training on Software Development Process and Methodology with a special focus on an agile software development process they call The Software Factory.

The Software Factory is an agile software development methodology created at Menlo. It uniquely combines best practices from AlanCooper's Interaction Design, KentBeck's ExtremeProgramming (all practices included), LeanManufacturing? and even a few ideas from the RationalUnifiedProcess.

The Menlo Institute outreaches to the corporate community through formal training classes, free resources and process mentoring services. These offerings allow them to reach not only developers but also executives, sponsors and managers.

XP History

Three of the founders of The Menlo Institute were formerly managers at ArborIntelligentSystems Inc. Two of Arbor's engineers were on the initial ChryslerComprehensiveCompensation project (DaveBryant? and AnnAnderson). Dave and Ann were the inspiration to Tom and James to use XP at another client site, Interface Systems Inc. Tom and James worked with Interface Systems to build an XP team of 36 people. The team had the enthusiastic support of the company V.P. of Engineering, Richard Sheridan, and the company president and CEO, Bob Nero.

After Interface Systems was sold to Tumbleweed Inc. Richard, Thomas and James (joined by former Arbor President Bob Simms) formed Menlo to continue to spread the news of how effective Extreme Programming can really be. They provide Training and Mentoring in software process and do custom software development in a facility called The Software Factory. -- Thomas Meloche

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