Mental State Called Flo

Finding your inner, sassy diner waitress.

The line between sassy and bitchy is fine and perilous. Some people can snark at you and make you laugh. Some people can snark and make you want to kill them.

Possible AmericanCulturalAssumption? The stereotypical american diner waitress is an older, brassy, chain-smoking broad with a meaty, old-fashioned name like "Flo" or Madge.

(See: Your local Waffle House -- TobyThain)

It's from a TV show called Alice, where the main character's best friend was Flo, a sassy Southern diner waitress. ("Kiss my grits!")

It helps to call everyone "Sweetie" or "Sugar". Or "Hon"

Flo is also a common British stereotype name, sometimes a waitress or barmaid, sometimes a housekeeper. Usually humorous contexts.

Flo is also an anachronistic term for a woman's menstrual cycle. "Flo came around to visit yesterday." Making yourself comfortable while Auntie Flo is in town is crucial to the MentalStateCalledFlow.

Compare: MentalStateCalledFlow


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