Mentor Graphics

Mentor makes electrical engineering CAD software and related products. They are a TektronixInc spinoff now located in Wilsonville, Oregon. Mentor developed their first products on the aggressively networked ApolloDomain. Mentor also was one of the EarlyAdaptor?s of C++, and pioneered large scale development in C++ and have arrows to prove it. Their massive rewrite of the product line in object code became known as VersionLateDotSlow.

I am looking for someone who has reliable information on the Mentor Graphics experience moving to C++. If you know anyone, say, I could call or write to to get information or permission, please let me know. --AlistairCockburn

JohnLakos, who wrote the book LargeScaleCppSoftwareDesign, based much of the book on his experiences at MentorGraphics


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