Michael Crawford

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His middle initial is D but MichaelDCrawford does not pass the RegularExpression test for a link in this wiki.

Hi this is Mike, able to edit my page now.

I use Michael D Crawford always in my name to distinguish myself from the actor Michael Crawford, who starred in the London production of Phantom of the Opera. I frequently get email from mistaken female admirers (some much older than I, and some so young I must reply to their mothers about their mistake), and sometimes I am accused of being an impostor. I was born with the name, while the actor changed his for the stage.

You can find my art and music at http://www.geometricvisions.com

But my regular job is as a software consultant. I am president and chief bottle-washer of GoingWare Inc. at http://www.goingware.com

In person I'm a friendly and mild mannered person but I like to raise hell on the net by writing strongly opinioned web pages and mailing list posts. You'll find some on my sites above.

New - I'm collecting my HellRaising? together at a central place where you can find the for ready reference. Please see http://www.goingware.com/manifestoes

Please read my article on LargeScaleIndividualSoftwareDevelopment and add your own thoughts.

I joined Advogato at http://advogato.org and keep a diary on my page there, at http://advogato.org/person/MichaelCrawford/


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