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Off and on, I have looked at the WikiPages. Often, I felt the urge to change something on a WikiPage. However, I held back and examined the rules, proper things to do when acting as an author, and the GoodStyle tips for editing.

Years ago, I was turned on to the WikiPages again when I was led to JavaUnit (would be called JUnit if it could be), and ContinuousIntegration from the http://www.extremeprogramming.org/rules/integrateoften.html page.

I respect MartinFowler, KentBeck, ErichGamma, RonJeffries, and the many others who have worked hard to help us all work effectively. VincentMiles is also a person who has many WiseSayings?.

A contribution to helping others find those who are doing XP is at: http://www.xprogramming.com/xpmag/PeoplePlacesThings.htm

discussions below, please
Hi, my name is ghassan, I'm an MSc student in chemistry. This is very good idea. mailto:ghassan_mk@yahoo.com
I am pleased to meet you. I think the WikiWikiWeb is a good idea too. -- MichaelFinney
By the way, I added the prefix mailto: in front of your email so that people can just click on it to email you if they wish. I hope that was a good thing. I learned the trick from TextFormattingRules. -- MichaelFinney
My office is next to MichaelFinney. He turned me onto ContinuousIntegration. Michael has been invaluable in helping me to more clearly understand ContinuousIntegration and how to adapt it to our local requirements. -- TaitCyrus

His office was next to mine. I enjoyed having him close by with his talents. -- MichaelFinney
Hi Mike - Just saw your post - Wasn't sure from your comments if you had taken our WikiInTheWorkplaceSurvey? You offered some comments about TWiki - We've only been looking at Wiki as a subject for a month or so - so the whole picture is just coming into focus. It does look like TWiki is especially popular in the workplace. Thanks for your comments and feel free to spread the word on our survey - we're really hoping to gather a lot of info in a short time for our course and our own curiosity about the subject. Cheers, TomAllison

Yes. I hope you could get that information. -- MichaelFinney

Hi Mike - David here. I arrived from GridComputing. I am getting stirred up by SOA architectures and GridComputing implementations. Is VirtualOrganization? a term coined by Globus? Also in late 2005 BigBlue is seeing its GridComputing efforts maturing, see "Transforming Grids into Business Tools" at http://www.newsfactor.com/story.xhtml?story_id=38366. Would you like to update that page to include updates for the WebServices arena (e.g. EnterpriseGridAlliance?)? I have gathered some raw material in the ExtremeOrchestration page -- dl DeleteWhenCooked

Hi David. Welcome! I am glad to see your post. The market has not really taken advantage of the technology solutions out there it seems when it comes to GridComputing. Everyone is busy doing their own thing. So much to do, so little time. I can relate.

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