Michael Ivey

Michael D. Ivey mailto:mdi@iveyandbrown.com

Michael is one-half of Ivey & Brown, a process and technology consulting firm based in Atlanta, Georgia and Bay Minette, Alabama. Michael represents the South Alabama half of the company, as well as most of the process side.

He is a CertifiedScrumMaster (Boston, October 2003) and is Program Director for the ScrumStudyGroupRegistry, a program of the ScrumAlliance, which provides a listing of local study groups for the ScrumProcess, as well as web space and email lists for those groups, and guidance on how to create, organize, and run a successful study group. He leads the brand-new Atlanta Scrum Study Group (http://atlanta.scrums.org) and the newer-than-new Mobile Delta Scrum Study Group (http://mobiledelta.scrums.org)

Michael is available through Ivey & Brown to do ScrumProcess training and coaching, PerlLanguage training and development, and GnuLinux - LinuxOs training and system administration.

He is a developer in the DebianGnuLinux project, and is an AmateurRadio? operator, callsign KG4QDH.
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