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"OOOH, intercourse the penguin!" --GrahamChapman

Can we learn from Microsoft?

The company that everyone loves to hate. Be that as it may, it is important not to develop a blind-spot towards them. One can learn from practically anyone. People who don't are incurring unnecessary risk. To get an idea about what you can leverage from MS, start with
Alternatives for those not wishing to use Microsoft
There are other practical alternatives While this may be true today in some way, there is more than one way to deal with them. This line of italic text was originally written by a person who has never run software from MicrosoftCorporation on a private computer of his on a serious level. At work he develops on a DebianGnuLinux box, and only uses MicrosoftCorporation software to test. This is not out of hate for MicrosoftCorporation, but because software from MicrosoftCorporation contrary to common belief does not appeal to everybody.

So, you're operating in complete agreement with the statement, then?

No, I don't understand. But people send me documents from the MicrosoftWord program, so I have to install software to decrypt the documents, or teach them how to use other programs. Either way is dealing with it. Alternately, I could say to them, "Don't send me documents from your program, I care not for them.", but that would be to perish, according to this author, I guess.

You could install OpenOffice - it's come a very long way in the past few months and opens every DOC file I throw at it now. Sometimes the way to "deal" with microsoft is to not run their software at all. -- LayneThomas

How true! I don't run the software of MicrosoftCorporation. OpenOfficeOrg, AbiWord, AntiWord? and others are some of the tools I use to DealWithMicroSoft?. When I need to write documentation or other stuff, I usually prefer to use LaTeX2e in a comfortable editor like GnuEmacs (maybe with AUC-TeX or simular).

Is the Market Place wrong? But Be Inc. did try to compete with Microsoft, and we all know what happened to them...

The Market Place Popularity vs Quality - which counts most?

Ubiquity Quality Benevolence Popularity Characterization Marketplace
Microsoft and open source Microsoft is beginning to open the door to its SourceCode, if only partially.

Much better .. or they feel breathing on the back of the neck..

Microsoft humor, or MicrosoftBashing You choose.

View that morality and choices made on the basis of money is part of the real problem

Programmers like what they are doing, even at Microsoft

Cynical Suggestions

(sounds a lot like if you can't beat them join them) (any one here thinking about going to work for Microsoft?) Ooops! Gone to work for Microsoft?

Duplication of Effort as efficient and beneficial

Integrate and Implement Everything The problem with Microsoft is that they tend to be too greedy. They want everything, the birthday cake, the crumbs, the gifts and eventually they'll want to eat the guests too. They just don't know when to stop! That may be the first error in their strategy. People in business are like guests at a party; they tend to dislike over-eaters, pigs who want to have the whole cake. They want a piece too. If there was a street-musician making a lot of money playing music in the streets of Seattle, soon enough you'd see Bill Gates cashing in! (They might already be involved if the music making money is using computers and software)
Gain Some Lose Some Gates and Ballmer should have used the gain-some-lose-some mantra and everything would have been fine for them. To the contrary their motto was: Win everything at all costs.

'''Comparing behaviour before and after SteveBallmer became CEO may be instructive: MS has moved towards settling lawsuits rather than pursuing them and many at the company are aware of the bad relations their attitude and actions have caused. If you find public apologies compelling, listen to almost any speech by Steve Ballmer.

For example, an excellent sacrifice would have been to not integrate Internet Explorer in Windows 98. This way they would have given a chance to Netscape and other browsers. No they couldn't resist putting Netscape out of business. They wanted that market too. (When I last checked you can get and use Netscape and scores of other browsers 20020312). it's not the same Netscape

'''Also Netscape contributed significantly to its own downfall by attempting to charge heavily for the distribution of the Netscape browser when dealing with magazines and ISPs (at a time when personal downloads of the Netscape browser were free). In fact Netscape distributed more copies of its browser than there were users on the Internet and still failed to displace IE. This is not to suggest that IE lacks flaws - only to point out that many companies make mistakes. A behemoth like Microsoft does need to reach higher standards than others to be fair, not lower standards.

''' Name me a corporation whose investors allow lower profits next year than this year. MS is owned by stockholders, so it has to be "greedy." All corporations do.

Legal Recourse

--Name a corporation that doesn't want to make more money next year than it did this year: increasing profits is the oxygen

More on Microsoft's troubles in court at GrokLaw: -- TobyThain


If marketing means (as the AMA have it) matching the needs of your customers to the capabilities of your company, at a profit, then MS are a marketing company. And there's nothing wrong with that either. If you think marketing is merely promotion, then I don't think the success of MS can be totally attributed to their promotional skills. There's more behind their success than that.

Implementing Good Ideas

A recycler of ideas. Many companies are. It's a perfectly reasonable strategy. NotInventedHere Now by accusing the Sofware Giant of being greedy does not mean Microsoft hasn't done some good stuff, made some good inventions. I am sure some people will eventually find something original Microsoft has come up with. Personally I did some research but could not find anything.

Well known Integrations and Improvements

Recycler of ideas than a true inventor. Their true strength is marketing though, thanks to SteveBallmer and not technology!

Microsoft are so big that trying to pigeon-hole them as one entity is nearly impossible. For example, I doubt we would see MicrosoftLabs in the same light as we see their legal department.

Improving Good Ideas

Microsoft's monopoly

It is just not sane for the economy, for the business world and for the software world to have one single company that is so huge and so powerful. Wealth like power has to be distributed between many. This being said, if Microsoft offered me a big contract, I'd certainly change my tune (see AnimalFarm by George Orwell). But deep inside I'd still believe what I just said!

This is where we are headed though: less and less small companies. More and more huge companies and multi-nationals. Savage capitalism. Just not right... I wonder what the solutions could be?

The Microsoft possibility

The second word in a typical abstract now required in every software business plan: 'The Microsoft Possibility' must describe preparations for the time when this behemoth sets its sights hungrily upon your innovations and inventions. For when you wake the slumbering giant, you must anticipate its co-opting of your standards and corruption of your ideals in its pursuit of 'universal adoption' (a derivative of Marxian belief, I think).

[True! Microsoft waits for others to do the inventions then they copy them left and right!]

Patents and Copyrights

Microsoft tablet ads have been trashing Apple and Apple Siri of late. In the Jobs era, revenge would be swift and heavy. Let's see how Apple responds. The problem is that counter ads would legitimize MS as a competitor in the minds of viewers, which so far based on market share, it's not. Maybe Apple will try another route such as including OpenOffice pre-installed on all Macs.

Bad Ideas and Claims of Hoaxes

Microsoft technologies and quality Microsoft people: Various:
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