Microsoft Windows Platform

MicrosoftWindowsPlatform refers to the combination of MicrosoftWindows and a plethora of applications and tools that are often dependent on the underlying operating system, now increasingly fused with the MicrosoftDotNet.

In the middle of the first decade of the 21st century, the MicrosoftWindowsPlatform is starting to see challenges from the LampPlatform, and the adoption of WampPlatform is also considered a serious threat by the worlds largest software company. An example of this erosion is seen in laptops that are sold in retail shops without the MicrosoftWindows operating system.

The GreatestMarketingCompanyInTheWorld is now shifting its focus to attacking the MiddleWare market, a place where JavaAndDotNet come together. It is a battle between MicrosoftEnterpriseComputing and JtwoeeEnterpriseComputing. In Aug05 a new MS Chief Operating Officer has been recruited from Walmart (Samsclub) and whose extensive SupplyChainManagement expertise will be invaluable in this battle of the titans.

In a few years time, as the "framework of the decade" (MS reference to DotNetFramework) evolves, MicrosoftWindowsPlatform application and tools will require the use of WindowsCommunicationFoundation, and other new features (e.g. Avalon) that will come with WindowsVista.

Contrast with JavaPlatform

See also DotNetPlatform

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