Mirror Terms

I've worked up a simple scheme for volunteer sites around the world to become WikiMirrors. I ask that such sites operate within these terms. Thank you for your assistance. -- WardCunningham

The contents of the PortlandPatternRepository are protected material owned by Cunningham & Cunningham, Inc, or the original authors. We grant mirror sites a revokable right to redistribute repository content contingent on the following terms.

In order to avoid serving a large number of automatic updates from c2.com we ask that sites mirroring the wiki html also distribute the zips from which it comes. We also ask that sites stagger their retrieval of zips giving preference to sites with a large number of downstream sites. Revised zip files are available each Saturday. We ask that downloads not begin before 1200 UTC Saturday and proceed by the following schedule ...

Notes on Automatic Update

These linux commands will retrieve and install one set of html pages. These would be run within a directory served by the webserver and preferably named wiki. The commands create a directory named JavaIdioms and install both html and zip files within it. The sequence can be repeated for other sets of html files.

  lynx -dump http://c2.com/ppr/wiki/JavaIdioms/html.zip >html.zip
  unzip html.zip
  mv html.zip JavaIdioms

The linux utility crontab provides a reasonable means for automatically updating a mirror site. If the above linux commands were in a script called updateMirror then the following crontab entry would run the script at 1805 local time every Saturday.

  5 18 * * 6 (cd wiki; ./updateMirror)

Use these two linux commands to learn more about crontab.

  man crontab
  man 5 crontab


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