Montreal Xp Tools Presentation

Target audience: MontrealXpUsersGroup. Format: 20 minutes lecture at 19h15 november first. Then open discussion. Expected number of people: around 10. Please be there at 19h00 so we can begin at 19h15! ;-)


JeanPhilippeBelanger also suggested to use white vinyl sheets applied on walls, it is less expensive that whiteboards.

Something we have done in past projects is to get strips of plastic and apply magnets to the back of them. Then use them on a whiteboard that has a magnetic background. This way you can have "permanent" and "temporary" information. The strips can be used as CRC Cards or User Stories or whatever and the whiteboard can be used for project notes or velocity, etc. -- IainLowe
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See Also: Bug tracking issue: Extreme Programming Installed p.165. Advanced Issue: Defect Databases. p. 169. Advanced Practice Tests as Database

See Also: ExtremeTools, RadicalCollocation, War Room, OpenWorkspace,

 Tools as support mechanism for the Values and Practices of XP

XP Values

XP Practices
 A word on tools and people: Environment Engineering

Ideas here.

Looking for...
Random questions and thoughts...

a) childish metaphysics for the philosophically inclined (incomplete)

b) tools-related issues


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