More Than One Way To Present It

MoreThanOneWayToPresentIt is a play on the concept of ThereIsMoreThanOneWayToDoIt. It is often useful to present or be able to present the same info, data, facts, equations, etc. in a different manner that brings out or emphasizes different properties. I personally find this very useful and a key part to TableOrientedProgramming. I don't have FastEyes and wish to rely on the machine to help me spot items or patterns I would otherwise miss. (Perhaps some argue that those without FastEyes should get out of the business.)

Different presentations may include different syntax, differing sort order, different grouping, highlighting, collapsible trees (such as XML editors), tabular layouts, Venn diagrams, graph (network) browsers etc.


This topic is close to SeparateMeaningFromPresentation. I shall ponder merging. One is a suggestion, the other is a property.
See also: UniversalStatement, CodeAvoidance, SeparationAndGroupingAreArchaicConcepts, ModelViewController

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