Mozilla Tinderbox

The Tinderbox system (see demonstrates an interesting way to deal with developers distributed over the net without access to all the target machines. It's an automated BuildSystem that does have an idea of who is guilty for breaking a build. -- MathieuGervais

Linux, Mac, Win32, SunOS all building continuously over and over, and you can watch it at (hey compiling as a spectator sport!). Every checkin is logged against the build where the change appeared, and the who and what is a link away. When a checkin breaks a build, the column for that build turns red and the Tinderbox is said to be 'on fire', and is closed until the person responsible for the bustage fixes it or backs out the changes. They also have a Ports tinderbox, with OSF1, Mac Carbon, IRIX, BeOS, AIX, HP-UX, and Linux on the alpha and ppc hardware platforms. Day after day, over and over, these machines check out the code, build it, log the results, and start all over again (there are both clobber and update builds too). -- StevenNewton


See also CruiseControl, DartDashboard, CrossPlatformTesting


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