Multiverse Bliki

Thank to PeterMerel, I have realized that this proposal is in the same gist as ManaMana/ViewPoint/WikiChangeProposal, except with the B word added. I'll see if I can whip up yet another parallel codebase later this summer. ;-) -- ClaesWallin

My thought is basing it on MartinPools bzr - weaves look very nice. Or knits as they are called now.
I'm considering building something like this when making the jump from a static WebLog to a Bliki (WikiBlog). Why?

Why a bliki? I want to enable commenting on my site, and Wiki seems like a reasonable way to do it. In one form or another. Also, it would leverage WikiMarkup for my blog entries, and it would allow me to keep entries short, but still develop the ideas on the side, for anyone interested.

Why alternate timelines? I am "afraid" of spam. But I am also afraid of strangling the input by moderating comments. So if I could let people run haywire in their own timeline and then carefully choose which one is the default, I would have both unregulated commentability and a clean version for the casual passers-by. The interested viewer could navigate from the default point into the not-yet-default future and sideways into censored edits, for full transparency.
The main problem is probably how to present this in a usable way.

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