Naked Objects

The NakedObjects Book, by Richard Pawson, Robert Matthews: ISBN 0470844205 and framework that implements it are described on the page TheNakedObjectsFramework.

There are important differences between TheNakedObjectsFramework and AutoGenCrudScreens.

This seems somewhat similar to RobertHeinlein's descriptions of gay deceiver in his book TheNumberOfTheBeast. This computer is programmed (and used) by voice by directly interacting with its object models (before its Turing capacity was established, then it was just another crew member :-)). Of course talking to the machine required the operator to learn its language. But it was very flexible and powerful.

On the literary theme, there is also the island in GulliversTravels?, where the inhabitants do not use words, but rather point directly to objects. This unfortunately necessitates them carrying around large knapsacks containing all the objects they might need to refer to in a conversation. -- RichardPawson

You know, the kind that expose their privates. -> RTFM: they only expose their publics :)

BitTorrent uses a naked object-like interface. Or, as it calls it, no interface at all. The application leaves everything but the basics of the interface up to the users, the OS, and third party application developers to decide. Unfortunately, these other people aren't anywhere near as smart as the maker of Bit Torrent so those other parts of the UI are miserable.

As a result, installing, running and controlling the "application" are transparent non-existent process while opening and closing torrents are all perfectly elegant. Meanwhile, suffering repeated timeout messages (OS responsibility) or finding the torrents on a web server (third-party developer responsibility) are absolute pains.

The lesson to be learned from this? It wasn't enough to provide the low-level objects with naked interfaces, you must also provide all the higher-level objects (eg, searches in a P2P app) on the same footing. So if you're smart enough to use naked objects, just remember that everyone else is an idiot.

...and doesn't know it: UnskilledAndUnawareOfIt

Even more naked: a CommandLineInterface that the user would use to call the object and desired method as arguments from the CommandLine:

  prompt> applicationName -class -method param1 param2 ...

No GUI required.

Microsoft has a text shell designed to manipulate objects, its had a number of names: Monad, msh, and now released as PowerShell.

This is just SelfLanguage implemented in JavaLanguage.

Interesting trivia on the origins of our use of the word naked. CsLewis (I forgot which book) pointed out that the act of peeling an orange was called "naking" the orange. To Nake, was to remove the covering. Once the covering was removed, the object was now "naked". -- BrucePennington

That may be a factoid, not a fact. has cognates to "naked" going back to Gothic, and etymologies back to PIE. None smell like a transitive verb.

Or you could look up nake

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