Nebulous Unit Of Time


If you've ever struggled with XP's units or points-system for estimating ProjectVelocity ("Huh? What does a unit mean!?!? Is it time? Complexity? Hours? I don't get it!!"), we've got a new term for you. It was invented by a fellow on a project we're coaching and was inspired by FrancescoCirillo's pomodori ("tomatoes") system. The new term: NUT: Nebulous Unit of Time

We estimate in NUTs. Another player on this team suggested that if you have trouble thinking in NUTs, just remember that a NUT is somewhere between a pistacchio and a coconut.

The team that invented this term, approx. 30 people, is currently so nuts that they implement 66 NUTs per one-week iteration.

How NUTs is your team?

-- JoshuaKerievsky

While I appreciate the humour value, I fail to see how this improves over GummiBearsOfComplexity. --KarlKnechtel

Hi Karl. It's just a fun term. GummiBearsOfComplexity is also nice. --JoshuaKerievsky


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