Nekulturny American

nekulturny is Russian for "uncultured."

Only Americans have been charged of this on Wiki.

Please explain this prejudice instead of indulging in DisagreeByDeleting.

At the least, please don't deprive us curious Americans of the opportunity to learn a few Russian words.

In Russian, it would be nekulturnyj amerikanec, Nekulturny American is Slovak.

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There are more than one Cyrillic charset. The one used here is Windows-1251

{Everybody has a culture. I think the implication is that US culture is "wrong" or "bad", not non-existent. Now defining what is "bad" culture is another matter. I am sure there are plenty of things most US citizens have to complain about Russian culture, such as not defending freedom of press and freedom of speech in the face of Russian semi-dictators. We in the US see such as a potentially fatal flaw. I am sure many Russians feel that our rampant materialism will "get" us before your benevalent dictator becomes non-benevalent. We'll see...}

Everybody has a culture but not everybody has culture, and that is the meaning of the word culture used on this page.

"Nekulturny" is closer to "bad mannered" than "lack of culture" .. could author explain in which context they meant this?

The only occurrence I know of is on the SociologyWiki page: "[given] the [crackdown on UnAmerican thought and speech] it's just a matter of time before some nekulturny American tries to MindWipe all politics off WikiWikiWeb."

You can take that as saying that only a nekulturny person would wipe out an entire subject as important as politics off wiki. Or as saying that only Americans are nekulturny enough to try to crack down on critical speech.

How do you pronounce it?

I'm guessing the first e is like the e in 'get' and the y is like the vowel sound in day. Can our resident Russian expert correct?

The accent is on the third syllable: Nyeh - cool - TOUR - knee.

Same thing as Japanese "gaijin", Australian "yobbo" and American "clod"?

["gaijin" means foreigner in Japan. Even a cultured foreigner is still "gaijin".]

Doesn't "clod" just mean "stupid person"?

Maybe more like "insensitive clod!" as found on SlashDot?

That still seems pale. I've met some very cultured insensitive clods in my time ...

A Russian emigre' explained it to me. He used the example of people in a whole region raising money to buy a priceless manuscript for an regional museum, and a visiting person ripping it off the wall, and using it to wipe his rear because he would have to reach farther for the roll of toilet paper. Then arguing that it was still unique and as valuable with his feces on it, that it hadn't really been worth anything in the first place, that it wasn't meant to be preserved because it wasn't made to be cleaned after being used as toilet paper, etc, and totally dismissing the idea they had done anything wrong. Basically it has connotations of "these people are why we can't have nice things". He also compared to people who would steal bronze historical markers.

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