Nested Test Case Classes

NestedTestCaseClasses is technique for OrganizingTestCases that consists of embedding unit tests right in the class they are testing.

This pattern has a number of advantages, some perceived disadvantages (easily dealt with), and some real issues that need watching, all discussed below.

The basic template for a class using this technique is:

 package wiki.example;
 class Demo {

// class body goes here

public static void main(String[] args) {; }

public static class TestCase extends junit.framework.TestCase { public void testDoSomething() { Demo d = new Demo(); d.doSomething(); assertEquals(control, d.field); } } }

Advantages Perceived Disadvantages
        NOTE: #if UNIT_TESTS is an easy way to wrap the test code so it 'disappears' in Ship builds.

Real Issues PaulKrause

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