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NetBeans is a 100% java based IDE, open sourced under the SunCommunitySourceLicense?. ForteForJava is built on top of NetBeans. The IDE allows for modules to be plugged in, catering for things such as version control, other languages (e.g. NetRexx?) and tools such as parsers, and refactoring tools (currently JRefactory and eventually Transmogrify)

NetBeans is my sery allocation, and 1GHz a minimum processor speed.

It's very sluggish on a 500MHz G3 Mac with >300Mb memory. This just isn't good enough. -- AnonymousDonor, as of 2004/10/25

I've found it still sluggish as of version 5.0, Feb 2006. It's usable though, on a 2.8 GHz P4 with 1 gig RAM. Ironically, it seems to perform better on my 1.6 GHz Centrino laptop with 512 MB. Perhaps it's because I was working with smaller projects: performance seems to degrade quickly with project size, and I noticed that the NetBeans source is itself organized into a couple dozen small projects instead of a single source tree.

The plugin architecture is much nicer than EclipseIde, though, and the UI is a bit more polished. Netbeans would be generally nicer to use if they could fix the performance problems. -- JonathanTang

They must have been fixed (2012, version 7.2), NB is lightning quick on my 4GB RAM 2.93 GHz Core 2 Duo. Eclipse is dog slow on the same machine

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See also: ForteForJava, JavaIde, EclipseIde, EclipseVsNetbeans

(removed ConfigurationHell link. NB is the opposite -- you can export any settings or group of settings to a ZipFile? and reimport to another NB install)

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