Net Democratic Representation

There is not such a thing as a NetDemocraticRepresentation: But there is a need for NetDemocraticUsage?.

or should that be a NetBillOfRights --AndrewMcMeikan

As an ICANN candiadte I am interested in the democratic development of the Internet, and I suppose the ordinary users will remain master the worldwide web! Therefore the main part of the At Large members - ordinary users and smaller entrepreneurs - will maintain the upper hand in the ICANN and control the influence of the Elephants to the necessary minimum: We have to found an ICANN association with founding document, statutes, bodies (board and controls) and open account. ALL body members have to be elected by the members of ALL continents. This can be realized easily online! Check plese how we created The Virtual & Global Social Democratic Party: RolfOberhaensli?

Rolf I can see you are very passionate about this but I have doubts that any system that hopes to be totaly virtual will work so long as the power cords exist in the real world; physical action, hardcopy letters and getting noticed in the BigRoom are for now the best way to influence politics real or virtual--AndrewMcMeikan

I think representation is important and some effort should be made as to the best way to do it --AndrewMcMeikan

Because ICANN has initiated the questionable @large election process, one talks about democracy in InternetGovernance . Some start even talking about having a quota.. I fear a "democratic tyranny".

Many ideas for user rights moved to NetBillOfRights

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