New York Study Group

JoshuaKerievsky founded this group many months ago. We currently meet Mondays at 7pm in Soho at Space Untitled just below Houston on Green St. Check for what we're up to.

Over the past few months the NewYorkStudyGroup has split into three groups. There are two groups going through DesignPatterns. One formed months ago called the GoF group and one formed more recently called the Four Gangsters Group. The third group, called the Pattern Languages Group (PLG), finished DesignPatterns quite a while ago and since then has been reading papers and book chapters from several sources. Recently the PLG has been thinking about what it is trying to accomplish. In an effort to work that out a discussion needs to take place amongst its members and perhaps others in the patterns community. The discussion will take place here at the NewYorkPlgAgenda.

Last update to this page (before this one) was August 5, 1997. It is probable that this group is no longer active? What became of it?


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