Nissim Hadar

Hi Nissim. I was reading your posts on Palestinians Cheering WTC and I wanted you to please not think all Americans are arrogant. Just as I don't think all of Israel is. I have a friend who has moved to Israel and he has told me that many of the things we (America) reads are so misconstrued and not true. That we are only getting a small portion of all the facts. That many, many, many Jews and Israelis are being persecuted and killed there. It is sad that children cannot even ride a regular school bus and must be transported by what sounds like an armored vehicle. I have cried at some of the horrors I have seen happen to the people in Israel, just as I have last week at the WTC. Death and violence is sad no matter whom it hits. I appreciated your post and I am glad I decided to scroll through recent changes today. God bless you. -- KathyBracy

Same Here, Nissim. The fact that Israel continues to maintain an operating, vibrant, pluralistic democracy in spite of an ongoing 50-year state of war is not lost on many Americans. Don't worry about the chattering classes on Wiki. Shalom. -- KyleBrown

And now my two bits for Xp -- DontMakeTheSameMistakeTwice

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