Norm Kerth

 Elite Systems
 P. O. Box 82907
 Portland, OR 97282-0907
 (503) 233-0044 

Norm is an almost olympic sailor, a one time drummer in the EndOfTheWorld? blues band, an elite consulting methodologist, and an all around nice guy. [1][2]

A draft of his recent work, An Approach to Postmorta, Postparta & Post Project Reviews, is now available in PostScript [3] and PDF []

From the abstract...

A Postpartum is an activity where people come together to review a previous project. The purpose from this review is to reflect and learn from the past project to help improve the team's process on future projects. For some projects and some people this can be quite a stressful event. It is an event, when executed poorly can do great damage. However, when done well, it can yield vast improvements in the team's process and productivity. This work shares what I have learned.


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