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Another very WikiLike thing is Notebook -- A searchable, customizable personal notebook and hypertext system.

The current version is Notebook V2.1.3, released on May 25, 2005.

Visit for information and downloads. This is the most recent incarnation, however:

There may be some useful information still on the old page,

It is a stand-alone app; no server or browser necessary.

Written in Tcl/Tk, so it runs on nearly any OS. This allows you to modify its functionality, assuming you know Tcl/Tk. Even if you don't, the Notebook Forum has some code contributed by other users.

One nice feature is that it can automatically create a new, dated page for you by selecting "Edit Today's Entry". This could be used for keeping a work log or a journal.

Another excellent feature is that it supports exporting to HTML, either a single page or an entire set ("notebook") of pages.

On the old notebook wiki there is some User code to make links to other sites and for example .doc or .ppt files working (see It is this feature (user programming extensions) that makes notebook so great. --jroeterd ==> Alas, this link no longer works.

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