Obfuscated Perl

ObfuscatedPerl is the writing of PerlLanguage programs with the aim of producing an interesting result in a way that is difficult to deduce by reading the source code alone. The wide variety of quoting mechanisms, special variables and block constructs available in Perl provide a rich palette from which to draw on. For a while, ThePerlJournal ran an annual Obfuscated Perl Contest.

One of the more famous examples of ObfuscatedPerl is the Camel Code [http://www.perlmonks.org/index.pl?node_id=45213]. There is an entire category devoted to obfuscated Perl on the Perl Monks website.

-- DavidLandgren

Is this a challenge? It doesn't seem hard ...
Is there any Perl code that isn't obfuscated?
Cee also: ObfuscatedCee.

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