Oliver Sims

The "father" of business objects. Wrote a visionary book on the subject in 1994 (unfortunately out of print) that was years ahead of its time and describes what we have today with runtimes like EJB, .NET, and protocols like SOAP and XML.

His idea of loose coupling between business objects was centered around the notion of a 'semantic data stream', or a self-describing protocol that included tag-like information with the actual data. This would allow for loose coupling by obviating the need for early binding to language-specific (or object-model specific) interfaces.

XML has, quite amazingly, risen as a protocol to mirror these very thoughts, though we still have a lot of work to do to make it perform well.

Sims' books (written and co-written):
Oliver has that rare combination of technical depth, excellent presentation skills, keen marketing awareness, and the ability to communicate complex ideas simply. As a pragmatic visionary, he understands that, while any endeavor must have a goal or vision, any such vision must be clearly tied to business goals, and its achievement must be practicable and viable. His focus has been the reduction of complexity for the application developer in the context of large-scale distributed component systems, which is accomplished through an architecture of middleware “separation layers” and frameworks that hide complexities from developers while enabling them to exploit distributed object and component concepts. In the course of this work, he has developed significant understanding of the methodological implications inherent in building such systems.

excerpt from: http://www.open-it.u-net.com/open_it/consultants/oliver_sims.htm


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