Omnigon International

OmnigonInternational is no longer looking for sophisticated, disciplined, brilliant engineers to work on a technology far beyond the current state of the art. The entire engineering staff have either resigned or been terminated, and sharks are circling.

What happened?

A trainwreck. Engine busted off the rails and all the carriages followed along. Very sad for all concerned. Even the little grey men are out looking for something else to do.

What were you guys doing then?

Well, the claims to fame were constant time constant resolution high dimensionality non-procedural pattern recognition and system control. And rely on the empirical universe outside an application to maintain the state of the application. This was intended to eliminate most traditional complexity limits. The logical architecture we were working to was sort of a CompositePattern of BraitenbergVehicles in a tiled Hausdorff HyperSpace ( With bells on.

Huh? That's a straight answer? Do you actually think you know what you're talking about?

Look, you asked the question, it's your problem to grok the answer. Imagine that you didn't know a thing about software and someone tried to explain a compiler in a nutshell. OmnigonInternational spent many months trying to get world class engineers to understand what it wanted them to do. Few succeeded at that and most likely you won't either. If you'd still like a close analogy, think of IterativeFunctionSystems applied in information architecture rather than imaging. If you want details on what's needed to do that, read KenHappel's patents below and think hard for a few months. I assert without proof you'll get it - or at least you'll get something.

Likely a headache.

You pays your money and you takes your chances. A lot of people are still owed. Including the founder of the company, the former employees of the company, and several generations of investors in the company.

Why is this shit relevant to wiki?

It's not. But there are various links to this page given the influence the company had on several wiki alumni. And the joint used ExtremeProgramming which is kind of OnTopic.

I just wanna know one thing. Did you guys work with space aliens or not?

Not so far as we could tell. At best we worked with guys who had once worked with space aliens. Most likely we worked with guys who find space aliens a convenient cover story for their ties to the BavarianIlluminati. Or something like that. Fnord.

Sean David Morten just mentioned (on Art Bell) this company as a front for alien technology being fed to the public

That would have been a much better deal.

No, it doesn't look like that, either.

The truth is still out there.

There was a rumor that I was a gray (alien) on a website known as tht Art Bell saw. I am not a gray and not an alien. The mathematics is part of what is becoming known as algebraic semiotics and the stuff I have done and am doing, I call Topological Semiotics... KMH

To get a suggestion what they were up to, wade into these:

This one is not mine, wrong Happel... There are two more in the USPTO that are mine...

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