One Mans Meat Is Another Mans Poison

OneMansMeatIsAnotherMansPoison is a pattern of natural and sometimes innate variances between people. It can also suggest incompatible preferences and choices.

Skilled managers are actually able to harness this conflict to generate synergy.

Meaning that what is suitable for one person may be radically or maximally unsuitable for another.

Meat? I don't get it. I thought the saying was, "One man's shit is another man's fertilizer".

Different saying, same meaning.

For further examples see Guy Clark's song, "Hank Williams Said It Best":

Maybe this song would also fit in over on TriteSayingsComeInPairs...

One man's trash is another man's treasure... One man's dinner is another man's pet... One man's toothbrush is another man's ass-scratcher...

All the same really

This issue is partially addressed in the subject of TalentsAndAptitudes?, and is covered in the field of AptitudeTesting?. A significant aptitude in computer programming is InductiveReasoningAptitude for example. I am a programmer and I don't have it, so the issue becomes very clear to me. -- JonGrover

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