One Microsoft Way

  Microsoft Corp
  One Microsoft Way
  Redmond, WA 98052

It's not just an address, it's a way of life.

... but then, all software is.
So, what's IBM's address?

IBM HQ Earth

or, the mailing address from their website...

 IBM Corporation 
 1133 Westchester Avenue
 White Plains, New York 10604
 United States

So, what's Apple's address? See OneInfiniteLoop.
And while we're on the subject, where do Oracle reside? (aside from Auckland, New Zealand
 World Headquarters
 Redwood Shores 
 Oracle Corporation
 500 Oracle Parkway
 Redwood Shores CA

What's Seagate's Address?
Seagate Technology, LLC.
   920 Disc Drive
   Scotts Valley, CA 95067-0360

See also: WindowsWay

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