One Name Please

The convention should be OneNamePlease - if you're using an identity (as opposed to a pseudo-identity like AnonymousDonor), use the same one consistently.

I'm not a particular fan of RealNamesPlease. I think one of the attractive features of forums like this is that you don't have to use the same identity you have in real life, and so have the freedom to discuss more openly than you might otherwise feel prepared to. I certainly think the lengths to which some people assert RealNamesPlease is over the top. However, not all the arguments for RealNamesPlease are bogus - it is useful to know when the same person has made different signed contributions. It's not necessary to connect that to their "real" identity.

who are you? I didn't sign this, deliberately.

Many online communities encourage pseudonymity. This community is not one of them. See RealNamesPleaseDiscussion for more. -- FrancisHwang
I would like to add that personally I don't particularly find RealNamesPlease or OneNamePlease very easy to manage. If the rule is really transparency then it is overstrict to achieve this. The names just both need to interlink.

There are much better places on the net to try out identities than here. Your gift to this community will be more easily absorbed if it comes without a great deal of personality, experimental or otherwise.

Agreed. That's why I said "if you're using an identity". AtMostOneNamePlease?, then?

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