One Note

OneNote is another app in MicrosoftOffice. It's a hybrid of an outliner and ink-based journal.

I have used it as a Capture and Reorganization tool. You can capture a region of a page with an enclosing rectangle the parts of which you find interesting and worth saving, or the whole page and then edit portions, add notations, delete parts and rearrange in a readable and printable format. It also provides a structure which allows placement within topical folders. Some of the more interesting captures I print, or paste to PaperPort. It is an excellent addition to Office. -- DonaldNoyes

Candidate for "IsAnythingBetterThanPaper"

One of the OrdinaryComputerUsers BasicToolkit programs.
There is an add to MozillaFirefox to enable capture to OneNote available from for versions of Firefox up to 1.5, also with useful information about how to use it.

A version of the addon for Firefox 2 is available at This will not install with Firefox 3.5.6.

There is now a new add on called Clip to OneNote which will install with the latest version of Firefox (3.6.3). See

I am presently using a cut and paste method while using the GoogleChrome page as the cut target and the Notebook_NewPage process in OneNote as the paste target. It preserves the essence of the page for me, including links, which was a very desirable feature in the SendToOneNote in InternetExplorer
See also MicrosoftOfficeYearOhSeven.
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