Online Persona Syndrome

If you met Elliott Coates in person, would he start a slurred and camp spiel about what a better OO designer he is?

If you met James Harris, how soon would he start trying to talk you into ratifying his proof of FermatsLastTheorem?

If you met our own beloved RichardKulisz, would humanity's innate evil soon surface in conversation?

Our anonymous and faceless online culture deprives us of the natural checks and cues that make in-person communication much more stable. Deprived of inhibitions, our depraved needs often dangle out for all to see.

Our evolutionary legacy of tact and etiquette stumbles at the doorstep to the InformationAge?. The "Syndrome" occurs when people say things they have no need to say in person.

If weren't for WelcomeToWikiPleaseBePolite, saying it all, I'd suggest RememberEveryoneOnWikiIsaPerson?.

(BTW if you met PhlIp, yes you would get a quick lecture about TestDrivenDevelopment. But he'd stop on cue ;)

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