Ordinary Computer Users

Ordinary ComputerUsers? -- ThinkingOutLoud DonaldNoyes.20080407

This is a large number of users who buy and use products about which they can say ItWorks. It matters little to them as to how it is made to work, only that it does. They are rarely interested in ObjectOriented vs Whatever else was involved in making it work.

It is in providing products that work, which do what they want done, everytime, easily and continuously, for this rather large segment of Users, that fortunes are made.

It is for this segment of the software market that successful companies, such as Microsoft, spend millions and millions, to make billions. This does not exclude others from spending thousands and thousands to make millions or for those who would spend hundreds and hundreds to make thousands. The multiplication of investment is in writing, producing and marketing software that works in performing the tasks the OrdinaryComputerUsers desire.

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