Orphan Wiki Pages

Here is a script that will find all OrphanPages. There are several thousand. Some are gems that should be cited from more familiar pages. Many others should probably be deleted. But, please, let's not delete too many at once. -- WardCunningham

For more utilities, see MoreAboutExtraScripts.

As of March 2006, there are over 2500 entries in http:orphanWikiPages, although many of these appear to be HomePages. OrphanNonHomePages points to a list of those orphan pages that do not have the CategoryHomePage tag. There are over 1400 of them.

As wiki's page count increases, it would be beneficial for readers to spend a while exploring the list of orphan pages to see if they can be usefully integrated with the rest of the site.

Note that the orphanWikiPages script does include some of the ChangesIn<Week> and ChangesIn<Month> pages, which would better be ignored, especially considering that clicking the title does bring up some backlinks.

-- EarleMartin and -- JohnFletcher


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