Parrot Code

Parrot is a VirtualMachine designed for running DynamicallyTyped languages like PerlSix, LuaLanguage, RubyLanguage, PythonLanguage, and ToolCommandLanguage. Parrot has a register-based design for its VirtualMachine.

External Web Sites: (Warning: parrot[etc].com is a spam site or whatever you call domain name typo squatters.)

Mailing list: Historically the name 'Parrot' derives from the ParrotLanguage April Fools joke. As far as we know, Jimmy Buffet has nothing to do with this... :)

Parrot is released monthly, with longer-time support for every third release.

The source of the virtual machine is available through various channels; see

Hmmm, I was expecting a page about the dangers of using code you don't understand. Still, Parrot looks interesting. -- BevanArps

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