Pattern Envy

PatternEnvy is when people try to call something a pattern that really isn't, but they wish it was, for one or more of the following reasons:

A pattern needs to pass some PatternityTests before it can rightfully be called a pattern. See PatternsMisconceptions for other misuses and misunderstandings of patterns. F

Wow, that was quick! [In echoing part of what I said in response to someone sarcastically calling COM a pattern on the GangOfFour mailing list] People might tend to associate patterns with physical things out of nature. In ChristopherAlexander's TheTimelessWayOfBuilding, his patterns cover recurring themes in rooms, buildings, regions, etc. rather than the things themselves. I equate this with software by thinking of patterns as recurring things that are about components, about objects, or about systems. -- PhilipEskelin


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