Pattern Interests

Whenever I meet someone who has an interests in Patterns, I try to figure out what Patterns (and the Pattern movement) means to him or her. I find that when we talk about software patterns we could really be talking about a lot of things. Are you a DesignPatterns person? Are you interested in PatternLanguages?

I think that the answers to these questions say a lot about the various interests about Patterns in the pattern community. Most people get their first introduction into the world of patterns from the DesignPatterns book. Some go beyond that, some feel that the GOF stuff is the big win.

Okay, so how would you classify your own interests? (Some of these classifications overlap, and some may be vague, so take them with a grain of salt or feel free to refine them...)

-- ToddCoram

BTW, my interests are in most of the above, but I feel strongly attracted to the whole Alexander notion of a Quality without a Name. -- ToddCoram

See LifeAsArt. I'm interested in the BIG picture--how patterns relate across disciplines--language, arts, and science. --EdBuffaloe

I'm interested in Patterns as an aid in reverse engineering object-oriented frameworks. I would say I'd seen the worth of this, but I learned how to extend the UnidrawFramework in part by reading the original papers, and back then they were called idioms... ScottJohnston

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