Patterns Of Client Server Architectures

This page contains links to two patterns that AmundAarsten, RobertHirschfeld, and KyleBrown used in putting together their PLoP'96 submission

The patterns include:

Al Goerner of ObjectSpace, Inc. has categorized distributed systems in a family of architectural patterns from stateless C/S, stateful C/S, brokered, peer-to-peer, etc, all based on the QualityAttributes that the particular pattern addresses.

Will the three page links here (ThreeTierDistributionArchitecture, FourLayerArchitecture, MultiCaster) provide all that we need to know for implementing a scalable client-server application that has good performance and maintainability, using VbClassic and DistributedInternetArchitecture framework only?

And what additional architecture guidance is needed, if any, to provide a smooth transition from the DistributedInternetArchitecture approach to a ServiceOrientedArchitecture environment?

See Also: MultiCaster

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