Paul Tevis

I don't really live here any more, but there's no point in undoing what was done.

"Simplicity -- the art of maximizing the amount of work not done -- is essential." - from the Principles of the AgileAlliance

"You must be lazy in a clever way." -- LydiaKavraki

I work for Green Hills Software in Santa Barbara, CA. They pay me to write compilers, which is great, since I'm one of those weirdos who WritesCompilersAsaHobby. I recently graduated from RiceUniversity, where I suffered no ill effects from being exposed to the SchemeLanguage. I've also done a lot of programming with PythonLanguage, and I'm not sure if I like it or not. Ended up here after reading RefactoringImprovingTheDesignOfExistingCode. For a brief time, I was a RecentChangesJunkie, but then a time crunch at work prevented me from spending much time here. Sometimes I forget how to set my UserName, and this sentence reminds me how to do it.


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If someone happens to notice my presence, they can leave me a note here, if desired. I usually stop here on my way to RecentChanges. -- PaulTevis


Hi Paul. Welcome to wiki. -- WardCunningham

Hi Paul. I'm thinking about a compiler for games programmers that exposes optimisation methods to the user. The syntax is factored off so that we could present it as C++ or Forth or FORTRAN or MASM or whatever. The compiler is coded as a (caching) interpreter. The caching method is an independent factor, i.e. its code is not mixed in with the interpreter code. Constancy is an attribute of variables, when you switch it on it acts as a hint to the caching. Interested in discussing? -- JamesCrook

Hi Paul. I love it when I come across someone whose homepage lists other pages that they find particularly interesting. It's one of the best ways to browse Wiki. Thanks. -- MichaelChermside

I've been away from here far too long. Now I look at RecentChanges and discover that I don't recognize any of the names there (except WardCunningham's, of course). It's like I've come back to my home town and discovered all of my friends have moved away. Time to make some new friends, I guess. -- PaulTevis


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