Peace Maker

A PeaceMaker is a placeholder in an organization who tries to calm and hold things together until a leader can be found or a reorganization is complete. The PeaceMaker should be someone who is well-liked but who is not necessarily technically proficient. Usually, this individual has many years with the company, knows the political ropes, and can buy time for a team as well as the team's management.

Usually, the PeaceMaker follows closely on the heels of the ScapeGoat and precedes the guru who either evolves into the CultOfPersonality or GuruDoesAll. Based on availability, it may be necessary to use a DoorMat instead. The tenure of a PeaceMaker is rarely more than six months.

Author: DonOlson 10/17/95

It may be interesting -- although a bit distracting -- to note that the 1870's vintage Colt single action revolver was known as The Peacemaker, and that style of revolver is still referred to by that name today. The other reference to Peacemaker is applied to strategic nuclear missiles.

This is all just as an aside, mind you.

Might instead of intellect...

A flowchart showing how the effects of Earth observation satellites lead to peace. details:

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