People Oriented

A personality trait measured by certain psychological tests that shows the level of importance or intensity of focus an individual places on people. It is usually compared to the individual's measure of TaskOriented focus. One can be High-Task and High-People; High-Task and Low-People; Low-Task and High-People; or Low-Task and Low-People.
Many of the LiberalMind?'ed I know, seem to be PeopleOriented. That does not mean that all Liberals are PeopleOriented, but I bet the majority are. -- BrucePennington

This is an oversimplification in my observation. I see little if any correlation. I see more of a correlation between religious beliefs and political views.

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-- BrucePennington

I see your point. Personally, I'd be inclined to pitch the lot, but I can appreciate that there's a fuzzy line here between OffTopic and OnTopic that ultimately comes down to personal preference. Eventually, WikiNature will sort it out. -- DaveVoorhis

Yes! Survival of the fittest, and all that. :) Thanks, Dave. -- BrucePennington

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