Perfect Language

For Perfect Computer Language see IdealProgrammingLanguage, QuestForThePerfectLanguage

For Perfect Natural Language see NaturalLanguage. What makes a language good, let alone Perfect? Is French Better than English? Latin better than both because both derived from it? Can it be quantified? Is it possible to take the syntax and sematics of a language (say in BNF+denotational semantic form) as an input to some other program and have it return a vector of attributes (expressiveness, simplicity, etc) from which each language could be ranked by attribute and the best one would be the most perfect. What is the most important attribute? Accessibility for the task at hand

Dance and music be considered forms of language since they can be expressed formally. Note dance can be described with notation similar to how music can using LabaNotation or BeneshNotation (which is more "Perfect"?). Is there yet a better way to to describe dance and is staff notation the Perfect way to describe music? (see MusicNotationSystems)

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